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October is Employee Wellness Month!

Take the HealthyUNCG “Own Your Wellness” Challenge! Complete the challenge during the month of October and receive a HealthyUNCG t-shirt!


Here is how the challenge works:

2. Participate in 10 wellness activities during October, UNCG Employee Wellness Month. At least 5 of these activities must be HealthyUNCG wellness activities, events, or programs (see our October newsletter or read below for ideas!). The other 5 spaces can be ANY personal wellness activity of your choice – you define your OWN wellness! 
3. Write the activity that you did or the event that you attended in the cubes on the wellness card. You will receive a stamp for all HealthyUNCG activities, so be sure to bring your card with you!   
4. Once you have completed all 10 activities, fill out the contact information on the stamp card and email it to or interoffice mail to HealthyUNCG – 107 Kaplan Center.
5. HealthyUNCG will distribute t-shirts during the month of November!


Examples of activities (feel free to write in your activity or use our HealthyUNCG stamp at HealthyUNCG activities):
  • ActiveU group fitness classes, noonball or open swim at Kaplan Center  – stamp provided and will be located by the ActiveU sign in notebook
  • EUC ActiveU or Yoga on the Lawn 
  • Aromatherapy Workshop on 10/9 and 10/17 – stamp will be provided
  • Meeting with health coach or registered dietitian
  • Healthy Relationships at Work Workshop on 10/23 – stamp will be provided
  • Virtual Grocery Store Tour Class on 10/25 – stamp will be provided
  • Cooking demo on 10/30 – stamp will be provided
  • Check out an item for the Fitness Lending Library – stamp will be provided
  • Visit the UNCG Flu Clinics on 10/8 (EUC Alexander), 10/9 (EUC Alexander) and 10/16 (Campus Supply Store)
  • Register and attend the WonderWoman 5K
  • Participate in Mindful Mondays at Weatherspoon Art Museum
  • Or choose up to 5 non-campus wellness activities of your own – practice deep breathing, volunteer, go for a walk, take a nap, etc!


PRINT THE PDF: HealthyUNCG Own Your Wellness Challenge Card

HealthyUNCG October 2019 Newsletter