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Active/Mindful U to return the week of June 2nd with the addition of

AQUA AEROBICS starting June 4th!

Click here for schedule and more information!

 Congratulations to the winners of the 1st Annual Employee Field Day!

Hula Hoop Contest Winners:

Cati Munoz, HR Dept.

Angela Mahoney, HR Dept.

Katherine Nunnally, Library

Carol Benjamin, HR Dept.

Spooner Race Winners:

Sarah Dreier, HR Dept.

Emilie Peterson, STAR Project

Rhonda Goins, Facilities

Callie Coward, Library

Callie Coward, Library

Ball/Spoon Relay Winners:

Ivan Iyall, Facilities

Katherine Nunnally, Library

Eugenia Brown, Student Health Services

Robert Davidson, Facilities

Ball Toss Winners:

Terri Brumfield & Liane Davenport, Office of Assessment & Accreditation

Sarah Dreier, HR Dept. & Hoyte Phifer, Facilities

Michelle Courtney & Marcie Burton, Library

Rhonda Goins & Wanda Williams, Facilities



Congratulations to the winners of the April PWP Promotional Month!

UNCG Outdoor Adventures Day Voucher

Callie Coward, Library

Nike Fitbit

Katherine Nunnally, Library

$100 Fleet Feet Training Program Voucher

  Christian Farrior, Office of Research & Economic Development


  Health & Wellness Coaching

HealthyUNCG is pleased to offer health & wellness coaching services. Working with a wellness coach can help you make positive changes to improve your health beyond what you may have been able to do alone.

A wellness coach can help you:048

  • Identify a focus area
  • Create a plan to work toward the desired changes
  • Provide accountability and support as you work through your plan

If you have taken your PWP and gotten your results you can be one of the first to take advantage of Well-U Coaching.

A Healthier U is one click away. Click here to find out more about Well-U Coaching Services NOW!!