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Fitness Lending Library has launched for the semester!

Help reach your fitness goals in 2015 by utilizing our Fitness Lending Library. HealthyUNCG allows employees and departments to “check out” various fitness equipment to use while in the office. Items target flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular fitness. There are over 60 items including DVDs, yoga mats, kettle bells, free weights, heart rate monitors, etc.




1375797_789894727703470_105570889_nThe Personal Wellness Profile is now ONLINE!

 HealthyUNCG wants to help you discover a healthier U by offering you the opportunity to take the online Personal Wellness Profile, a $108 value for FREE. For more information visit the PWP page.    

Once you’ve taken it, you are eligible to work with a Well-U health coach and have access to all HealthyUNCG programs for free!

Health & Wellness Coaching

HealthyUNCG is pleased to offer health & wellness coaching services. Working with a wellness coach can help you make positive changes to improve your health beyond what you may have been able to do alone.

A wellness coach can help you:048

  • Identify a focus area
  • Create a plan to work toward the desired changes
  • Provide accountability and support as you work through your plan

If you have taken your PWP and gotten your results you can be one of the first to take advantage of Well-U Coaching.

A Healthier U is one click away. Click here to find out more about Well-U Coaching Services NOW!!