Are you one of the 85 million people in the United States who has high blood pressure?  Do you have a family history of it? Known also as the silent killer or hypertension, high blood pressure typically has no symptoms but can lead to deadly health consequences such as heart attack, stroke and kidney failure. Some populations are more at risk of developing hypertension than others. Despite how widespread it is and damaging it can be, high blood pressure is still unknown, misunderstood or ignored by many people.

Check. Change. Control. is an evidence-based hypertension management program that utilizes blood pressure self-monitoring to empower participants to take ownership of their cardiovascular health. The program incorporates the concepts of remote monitoring, online tracking and recruiting local volunteer health mentors to encourage participants.

The purpose of the program is to eliminate high blood pressure as a health disparity among Americans. As of June 2016, the program has expanded to over 100 markets, 50,000+ participants enrolled, more than 163,000 blood pressure readings taken with an average drop in systolic blood pressure of 11 mmHg.

The Check. Change. Control. Tracker is a new online tool to help you track your blood pressure readings and connect with a volunteer health mentor to share your results and progress.

Here is how it works: BOOKMARK – CCC Quick Start Guide

Signing up is FREE and simple.

  1. Go to and start by creating an account.  This will be your individual participant account. 
  2. When asked for your campaign code, enter: SHP05   
  3. Remember to:
  • Enter in your first blood pressure
  • Link to UNCG’s Volunteer/Provider Page: Click on the “Search for Volunteers and Providers” link on the left side task bar.  Enter “HealthyUNCG” in the search field & link to us!
  • Set up your reminders
  • OPT in for text and email
  • You should receive a text immediately after doing this, so you’ll know you’ve linked correctly when that happens
  •  Explore the resources!

If you do not have access to a blood pressure cuff, HealthyUNCG is available to take your reading! Contact us at or 334-4131 and set up an appointment. Drop in office hours coming soon!