Miles for Wellness Challenge 14

Celebration Trail: 100 Years of National Parks

UNCG employees are invited to join our annual walking challenge that begins on October 3rd, 2016! Teams from UNCG compete with other teams all across the state on the quest to reach 10,000 steps per day. Last year, UNCG had 14 teams with 140 employee participants that participated!! Two of our teams won state recognition for their amazing efforts!
Teams of 10 compete against other teams at their level. Here is a breakdown of the levels:
  1. Tortoise Division – an average of less than or equal to 56,000 steps per week per member
  2. Hare Division – an average greater than 56,000 up to 70,000 steps per week per member
  3. Super Hare Division – an average greater than 70,000 up to 105,000 steps per week per member.
  4. Bionic Hare Division – an average of greater than 105,000 average steps per week per member (this division is new this year)
The registration window is quickly coming to a close so be sure to grab friends and co-workers to join your team. Use this link to register! 


Team Instructions

  • Abide by the Team Mix
  • No replacements or additions once the event starts unless it is due to an administrative error.
  • Everyone who participates must sign an honor code located in the Personal Log Sheet.
  • This is a pedometer based event. Exercise conversions are allowed this year. See OSP website for more information on conversion.
  • If someone misses wearing their pedometer for a day they are asked to use a previous set of numbers that most closely represents the activities of that day.
  • Documentation must be kept until the event is ended
  • Team Captains will email steps for the team to HealthyUNCG each Monday.
  • Team progress will be emailed to the team captains and posted on the HealthyUNCG Facebook page and website.

For Team Captains

  • For captain spreadsheets, participant spreadsheets, liability waivers, and exercise conversions visit MilesforWellness.nc.gov
  • This year, due to budget cuts, we will not be providing pedometers. However, they can be purchased for a reasonable price at Wal-Mart, Target, or K-Mart. There are also free apps that can be downloaded to smartphones, such as Argus, Map My Run, and Pedometer++.

Bionic Hare Division-Lead by the Hare Styles with 5,343 miles walked, followed by Bryan Cruisers at 5,145 total miles.

Super Hare Division-Lead by the Hare Balls with 3,522 miles walked, followed by Action Potentials at 3,329 total miles.

Hare Division-Lead by the Circulators with 2,747 miles walked, followed by   GRE: Graduate Ramblers Ensemble at 2,601 total miles

Tortoise Division-Lead by the PHE Nominal with 1,963 miles walked, followed by UNCG Anthropology at 949 total miles 
Final Standings