Highlights from the day:
  • Over 225+ competitors and spectators
  • 7 teams competed in the team competitions
  • Over ___ food items donated to our Moss Street Partnership School
We had over 50 individual game winners in the events of hula hooping, egg and spoon race, ball toss, three legged race, musical “chairs,” cookie face, and junk in the trunk!
7 teams participated in the team events and several employees competed in the fitness competition. Congratulations to the champions and winners of the coveted HealthyUNCG Employee Field Day trophies!
Push Up Competition Champion: David Fuller- Facilities Operations


Burpee Competition Champion: Jeff Milroy- Public Health Education 
Plank Competition Champion: Kyle McCoil- New Student Transitions & First Year Experience
Obstacle Course Relay Champions
SOARing to the finish line
– Ally DeLucia
– Kyle McCoil
– Rachel Dodd Blackley
– Austin McKim
Chicken in the Hen House Champions
SOARing to the finish line
– Ally DeLucia
– Kyle McCoil
– Rachel Dodd Blackley
– Austin McKim
Tic Tac Toe Champions
UNCG Human Resources 
– Sarah Dreier-Kasik
– Linh-An Doan
– Cati Munoz
– Marge Webb
Special thanks to DJ Roxci for providing the music for the event and to our special guest, UNCG’s mascot, Spiro, aka Stephen Hale (Human Resources) for providing our entertainment! We would also like to thank Tinker Clayton from stitch-FX for printing our awesome t-shirts!
We would also like to thank the following sponsors and partners:
  • UNCG Employee Field Day Committee Members (Adam Horton, Karen Brady-Siler, Rob Owens, Alyssa Bedrosian, Emily Britt, Aaron Terranova, Jamie Stephens, Janeen Chastain, Steve Fordahl, Stephen Hale)
  • UNCG Staff Senate
  • UNCG Kinesiology & KIN Club student volunteers 
  • Kaplan Center for Wellness
  • UNCG Facility Services
  • UNCG Athletics
  • University Communications
  • UNCG Parking Operations
  • Chick-Fil-A Friendly Center
  • Newk’s Friendly Center