Our Fall Wellness Series begins on October 7th!

Join HealthyUNCG as we bring you a 4 week wellness series focusing on a variety of wellness topics as most requested by YOU!

Join us every Thursday at 11am via zoom for this interactive, personalized series. Click the title to register.
Miss a session? Find the recordings here!

Let’s Talk Mental Health – Thursday, October 7th from 11am – 12pm

This pandemic has caused people to feel high levels of stress, burnout, anxiety, and depression. This workshop will focus on how to identify when mental health challenges may be present, and several resources that are available for obtaining help. Qualified mental health professional, Amber Reed, will be leading this session.

Creating Healthy Boundaries in the Workplace – Thursday, October 14th from 11am – 12pm

Not all employees experience the same challenges during a pandemic. Leaders, employees, and coworkers must learn each employee’s needs and uniquely support each person. During these times it is very important to formulate physical, mental, and spiritual boundaries with yourself and others. When you are self-aware you can maximize your own personal capacity, values, and emotions. This presentation, led by HealthyUNCG Director, Stefanie Milroy, will capitalize the significance of effective communication while setting healthy boundaries in the workplace.

Mobility Snacks and Hacks Thursday, October 21st from 11am-12pm

Led by Kinesiology faculty member and personal trainer, Dr. Anne Brady, learn how short movement sessions throughout the day can improve strength, flexibility, and overall movement patterns. In this session, Dr. Brady will define mobility and discuss its importance to health, fitness, and everyday activities. Learn how one can incorporate mobility exercises throughout the day with minimal equipment. Dr. Brady will demonstrate the exercises and invite everyone to join in (virtually) as well!

Navigating the Ups and Downs of Caring for an Older Adult: Tools for Taking Care of Yourself – Thursday, October 28th from 11am-12pm

The greatest challenge of family caregiving is taking care of yourself. This presentation is to help you be an effective caregiver and to give you tools and resources to improve caring for yourself.

To sign up for any of the session, register via the UNCG Workshops page.