The Personal Wellness Profile is a general health assessment that measures overall health and well-being. This assessment tool is designed to:

  • Provide a way for employees to identify existing behaviors that are considered good health practices.
  • Help people identify protective and health risk factors.
  • Provide a comprehensive health and lifestyle assessment based on current scientific guidelines for optimal health and disease prevention.
  • Help people make healthy lifestyle decisions. Information gained can be used to design appropriate intervention programs emphasizing modifiable risk factors for disease.


HealthyUNCG Research Study

At the time you take the PWP, you will be asked if you’d like to participate in a voluntary research study. HealthyUNCG would like to use the data collected as part of the Personal Wellness Profiles to share with other organizations through presentations and articles. Remember, everyone can take the PWP, even if you do not participate in the research study. All information is confidential.

Online PWP

  • Complete Instructions for Completing the PWP
  • Please make sure you have a copy of your University ID# with you before clicking on the link.
  • Use Google Chrome or FireFox to complete the PWP.
  • The online PWP does not work with Internet Explorer.If you have had blood work done by your health care provider in the last 2 months, please have a copy of the lab results with you if you would like to include them in your profile.
  • Once you have completed the online profile, you will be receive a pdf summary report of your assessment.
  • You will contacted by a HealthyUNCG staff member within 5 business days to set up an appointment to review your results.


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