What is Health Coaching?

Health Coaching is designed to help you create lifestyle change goals and reach these goals through your own personal accountability plan. Health coaching is an effective to help you with your overall health & wellness, for example to add movement and energy into your life, lose weight, manage a chronic condition, find work-life balance, etc.

Why choose Health Coaching?

There is no cookie-cutter approach to reaching your personal goals – where you are today and your stressors, needs and supports are different than say, just last year or even last month!  There is no one-way or any particular right way to think about change. Your HealthUNCG coach can offer up strategies that are sustainable options for you to choose from as you begin your journey to discover what works for you.  You will find yourself gaining the knowledge, skills, and the power to self-manage your life and to achieve your self-identified goals.

Where do I meet with my health coach?

HealthyUNCG health coaches meet with clients in a variety of convenient locations including:

  • Coleman Building (Walker Ave.)
  • Bryan School of Business (Stirling St.)
  • Kaplan Center for Wellness (Gate City Blvd.)
  • Gateway University Research Park (Summit Ave.)

To view our current coaches, please click here

How do I get a HealthyUNCG Coach?

To get a HealthyUNCG Coach you must be a UNCG employee and willing to commit to up 6 free coaching sessions.  Typically, you will meet with your HealthyUNCG coach every two-weeks in the semester.

UNCG Health Coaching Programs

Department of Public Health Education

420 Coleman Building

1408 Walker Avenue

P.O. Box 26170

Greensboro, NC 27402-6170

EMAIL: coaching@uncg.edu

Interested in becoming a health coach? Visit UNCG Health Coaching Programs.