In 2008, the state mandated that all universities and community colleges implement a worksite (employee) wellness program with the focus areas of healthy eating, physical activity, stress management and tobacco cessation.

In 2011, UNCG and HealthyUNCG invited fellow North Carolina universities and community colleges for a one day workshop to identify resources, set goals and discuss strategies, successes and barriers to making our respective campus bodies one that is healthy and well. The conference was held again in 2015 and has since become an annual conference and also offers quarterly virtual meetings. 

Join others in the field who share your passion for worksite wellness to discuss strategies for creating a thriving wellness culture, brainstorm through challenges, share resources and network. 

We are currently meeting quarterly via Zoom and in person at our annual conference. 

Next Zoom meeting: January 27th, 9-11am

Annual conference: Spring 2023 

Registration coming soon!


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2017 Making the Grade in Worksite Wellness Conference