Sleep can be thought of as the ultimate maintenance opportunity for your body. Sleep restores energy, helps us function, and think more clearly. Getting a quality sleep helps improve our memory, increase performance, boost our mood and protects and boosts our immune system. Check out our Sleep Matters info page by clicking here.

To learn more about the importance of sleep health, we invite you to view our sleep health webinar by clicking here.

HealthyUNCG invites you to join us as we challenge ourselves to make sleep a priority by improving sleep hygiene. “Sleep hygiene” refers to a series of healthy sleep habits that can improve your ability fall asleep and stay asleep. In order for this to work and become habit, it is important to make gradual changes.

How the challenge works:

  1. Register for the challenge – see link below (this lets us know you are participating so that we can support you and it helps you win prizes!).
  2. Choose ONE sleep hygiene goal to work towards (ideas listed below).
  3. Track your success! Track your progress towards meeting your goal in any way that works for you – google calendar, planner, post it note checklist, notepad… make it work for you! IT IS OK IF YOU DON’T MEET YOUR GOAL EACH DAY! The purpose of the challenge is to help us become more aware of our sleep hygiene habits and build healthy habits.
  4. Once you have completed working towards your goal for 21 days, submit your challenge completion form to us (this will be emailed to you the week of September 28th or upon registration)! Prizes will be drawn weekly throughout the challenge, as well as a grand prize at the end of the challenge. Prizes will vary week to week but may include sleep trackers, light therapy lamps and dawn emulating clocks, diffusers/essential oils, comfort items, and more! All challenge completion forms must be submitted by November 20th in order to be eligible for the grand prize drawing!

You can begin the challenge any day between now and October 30th.


Sleep hygiene goals may include the following or choose your own!
Creating a set bed time or wake up time
Budgeting time for a wind down routine (dimming lights, calming music, light stretching, diffusing oils, reading a book, etc.)
Reducing blue light exposure (unplugging from electronics 30-60 minutes before bed, wearing blue light blocking glasses particularly in the afternoons and evenings, etc.)
Reducing caffeine consumption, particularly late in the day
Practice a daily health habit (increasing time spent in the sunlight, being more physically active, reducing caffeine or alcohol consumption, eating smaller evening meals, restricting in bed activity to sex or sleep, etc)

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Questions about the challenge can be directed to Wellness Coordinator, Kristen Estepp at