The results are in and we have our Spiro’s Scavenger Hunt Special Winners!

Speedy Spiro (First to Finish)
On Campus: PB&JJ (Britt Flanagan, Philip Simpson, Jennie Rikkola, and Jennifer Catoe)
At Home: Callie Coward

Spiro’s Spartan Pride (Most UNCG Spartan Spirit)
On Campus: RecWell Influncers (Sikirat Kazeem, Catie Payne, Jill Beville, Alex Hauer, and Colleen Burford)
At Home: Speaking Center Fam (Erin Harrison, Jaq Gann, Stef Marchena, Alyssa Fleischhauer, Wisam Salah, and Olivia King)

Spiro’s Creative Companion (Most Creative)
On Campus: Daring Duo (Maryann Burditt and Nereida Sutton)
At Home: Callie Coward

Spiro’s Social Media Superstar
On Campus: Reds on the Run (Michele Stewart and Melissa Barnes)
At Home: Chantelle Caro

Spiro’s Mighty Spartan (Bonus Challenge Winner – on campus only)
Winner’s Circle (Kynnith Francis-Vaughan, Briana Welsh, Ashley Jones and Aaron Kidd)

Super Spiro (Best All Around)
On Campus: Jay Smith and Rashaun DeBerry
At Home: Shannon Lovett

We want to thank EVERYONE who participated in this year’s employee wellness springtime event!  There were over 80 participating and we collected several bins, full of items, for the children of Moss St. Partnership School.  We will be back in the fall with another fun filled day of fun and hopefully resume Field Day in the spring, so stay tuned! 

Special thanks to our committee members and partners:

UNCG Staff Senate
Emily Britt
J Chastain
Steve Fordahl
Stephen Hale
Adam Horton
Wayman Mubaarak
Rob Owens
Nathan Rector
Aaron Terranova
Leah Tompkins
Elyssa Tucker
Connie Uselman