Thayle Heggie,  MPH, CHES, NBC-HWC

Project Director

Thayle Heggie is a nationally certified health coach and recently received her Masters in Public Health from UNCG. She is credentialed as a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) and has experience working with both faculty and student populations. She worked in higher education for 17 years in various roles, including mentoring, counseling and consulting. Thayle enjoys connecting with people and empowering them with her ability to relate and communicate, ensuring they feel heard and supported. She believes that health coaching is a powerful tool that allows others to capture their potential and empower them to make lasting changes.


Ellen Ashley, BS, CHC

Ellen graduated from UNCG’s Public Health Education Department where she discovered a love for health coaching. She brings a richly varied background to her love of helping clients which involves being both a good listener and a vigorous advocate for helping others find their own way to good health.  She can appreciate the unique needs of each individual and can empathize personally with many client’s issues. She first developed her skills in listening and understanding others when she became licensed in her first career as a cosmetologist.  One of the most important skills in cosmetology is listening to what a client is saying and understanding how to help them feel their best. This is also one of the most important skills in being a health coach. Ellen’s friendly and relatable attitude has led her many successful health coaching experiences! 


GracieLee Weaver, PhD, MPH, CHES, NBC-HWC

GracieLee is a health coach, advocate, researcher and educator. She was trained and certified as a health coach in 2013 and became a National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC) in 2019. Since being trained as a health coach, she has been volunteering to provide health coaching services to UNCG employees through HealthyUNCG. She also previously worked for Wake Forest University in the Office of Wellbeing where she provided health coaching services for faculty, staff, and students. GracieLee sees health coaching as an opportunity to support her clients with guided self-reflection, goal setting, and accountability. She believes that health coaching is a strikingly unique employee wellness initiative because it offers a way to help employees reach health and wellness goals that are important to them.


Eunice Calderón, MPH, CHES, CHC

Eunice Calderón is a certified health coach and credentialed as a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES). She is passionate about making a difference in her community and has experience working with diverse populations. Eunice enjoys helping others achieve their goals through health coaching and understands that change takes time. After work, Eunice enjoys collaborating with community members at the local urban garden. 


Amber K. Reed, MA, QP, CPSS, NBC-HWC, CNWE

Amber K. Reed is a Certified Health Coach in private practice who recently earned her National Board Certification in Health and Wellness Coaching. She is a Qualified Professional and Certified Peer Support Specialist and has experience supporting people in their mental health recovery goals through multiple modalities, including exercise, nutrition, and stress reduction. Amber recognizes the impact social factors have on a person’s beliefs, choices, and goals and strives to help others work through these confines to find true freedom within themselves. She is an Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and Certified HeartMath practitioner, which she uses to help individuals overcome stress and depleting emotions. In addition, she also has graduate level training in Nutrition and is a Certified Nutrition and Wellness Educator.  Amber uses a holistic approach to wellness in health coaching, combining elements of mind, body, and spirit in an effort to guide and empower others to create their own path to change, their own version of wellness, and their fullest life possible. 

Jilly Hinckley-Noble, RN, CCM, CHC

Jilly Hinckley-Noble was certified as a health coach in 2019. She has provided care management for clients of diverse backgrounds and age groups for the last fourteen years through the integration of care for emotional and physical well-being. Her experience working with clients with complex needs addresses the individual’s choices and environment for physical activity, conscious nutrition, weight goals, and mindful emotion management.  Jilly is committed to health coaching as an ally for improved quality of life of clients in support of the individual’s unique strengths and desired outcomes.   



Beate Winterstein, MA, MS, CHC 

Beate is a UNCG Certified Health Coach and has a MA in Psychology from Germany and a MS in Educational Measurement from UNCG. She loves to support diverse clients in exploring different areas of their lives to reach long-lasting balance and well-being. Her studies and practices in mindfulness and compassion enrich her way of guiding clients on their wellness journey. She is happy to offer coaching in English or German.





Derek Wilson, BS, CHC

Derek Wilson is a Health Coach with a passion for transforming people’s lives and his community by building happier and healthier lives. Derek holds a bachelors in Exercise Science from Appalachian State University and has worked as a Lifestyle Coach for a Minority Diabetes Prevention Program, helping clients shape their goals for physical activity, weight management and mental health. Clients who work with Derek can expect to be inspired to find the right tools for their wellness path. No matter what obstacle stands in front of you, he will motivate you to push it out of your way. In his free time, Derek enjoys hiking, cooking, playing basketball, and spending time with his two favorite dogs.


Virginia Zell, BS, CHC

Virginia Zell is an ally to her clients, helping them discover their strengths, and supports them as they find their own way to thrive and maintain healthy lifestyles. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition and Dietetics from UNC Greensboro and is in her final semester for her Master of Public Health. Virginia has worked as a public health nutritionist and lactation educator for the Davidson County Health Department and is passionate about educating others about nutrition and overall wellness. She looks forward to partnering with clients to explore new possibilities and uncover great opportunities through the health coaching experience.



Amyia Hardy, MPH, CHES, CHC 

Amyia Hardy utilizes a holistic approach to wellness in health coaching to empower clients to achieve their ultimate health goals. Amyia is a Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) and a Spartan Alumnae with a Master’s in Public Health Education. With 12 years of work in higher education, Amyia has served in many roles to advocate for and mentor faculty, staff and students to find their passion and live their dreams. In her spare time, Amyia enjoys outdoor adventures, crafting and spending time with family and friends. 




Jinhee Kong, MPH, MA, CHC

Jinhee is a recent graduate from the Master of Public Health program at UNCG.  She holds an MA in Organizational Communication from Queens University of Charlotte where she developed cross-cultural communication skills and cultural humility. As a health coach, she sees a client as an expert in their health behavior changes, develops a partnership with them in their health journey, and creates a space for them to cultivate self-efficacy and an empowered lifestyle.  She currently works for Wake Forest Baptist Health in the Comprehensive Cancer Center as a patient advocate and Sr. Project Coordinator in the Oncology Service Line.



Joy Shull, AAS, LPN, NHA, CHC

Joy Shull has been advocating for you for the last 14 years and counting. She is passionate about people and loves that each individual holds a unique story of their own. Her work has taken the forms of small business ownership, marketing services, sales, and nursing with the desire to serve people underlying each title. Joy believes that we all thrive with an approach of patience and empathy so it’s only natural that her titles these days are nurse, nurse health advisor and health coach. When she isn’t working, Joy most enjoys a spontaneous dance-off with her boys knowing the house will be filled with the cutest deep-belly laughs she has come to know.


Amy Lee, MS, ERHD, CHC

Amy Lee earned her M.S. in Human Development and Family Science along with a certification in Ethnic and Rural Health Disparities from East Carolina University. Currently, she is a doctoral student in the Department of Public Health at the UNCG. Amy began the journey to become a certified health coach to inspire others to become the healthiest version of themselves. Because of her passion for health coaching, she has taken on the role as the Health and Wellness Coach for Cone Health HeartCare at Northline’s Cardiovascular Division in Greensboro, NC where she works with advanced hypertensive patients in achieving monumental goals to improve their quality of life and health outcomes. Amy is dedicated to supporting her clients navigate uncharted waters of change while striving to achieve their vision of optimal health.