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Virtual Workshops

Nutrition and Aging
Presented by the UNCG Dietetic Interns
March 7th, 12 – 1 PM on Zoom
Join HealthyUNCG and The UNCG Dietetic Interns as they teach us simple ways to incorporate needed nutrients into one’s diet as one ages. Feel empowered as you age to live with better health and well-being.

Presented by registered dietitian, Cari Culp
Mar 16, 11am on Zoom

Discover 10 “superfoods” you’ll want to become dietary staples.   Cari will teach you how to live longer and better with these 10 foods that pack a nutrition punch.  Learn about their health benefits and see how you can include at least one all 7 days of the week!
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Food and Mood Series with Amber Reed
Upcoming Session: Inflammation – Foods that Cause It, Prevent It, and How it Affects Your Mood

Mar 29, Apr 26
12 – 1 PM on ZOOM 

Last semester we looked into the food addiction cycle and sugar cravings. This semester, we go deeper Into the link between gut health and the brain. Join nutritionist, health coach and qualified mental health professional, Amber Reed as we learn more about It’s impact on stress, sleep, hormones, and more. This series is sponsored by HealthyUNCG and UNCG Health Coaching Programs. Past sessions can be found on the HealthyUNCG YouTube page.
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On Demand Virtual Webinars

Every Monday in March, a new webinar will be featured here and on our YouTube page!
Webinars and information brought to you by the UNCG Department of Nutrition Dietetic Interns

March 7 – Food as Medicine
Watch the webinar here!

March 14 – Quick and Healthy Meals on Campus
Watch the webinar here!

March 21 – Women and Men’s Nutrition
March 28 – Diabetes and Hypertension

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Women’s “You Can Sit With Us” Table Talk

Women’s Cooking Class – Power Up Breakfast
Led by Nutrition faculty and registered dietitian, Amy Moyer
March 23, 12 – 1 pm, Stone 303: Nutrition Lab

Join HealthyUNCG and The Center for Women’s Health and Wellness as we invite the women of UNCG to an informal time of conversation and support as It relates to women’s health. Table talks will be held each month at various times and locations. Each talk will feature a general women’s health topic and will be led by an expert In that area. If possible, a Zoom option will be given for those that are unable to be with us in person.

March’s event will go along with the National Nutrition Month theme ‘Celebrate a World of Flavors’. Join us in the Nutrition Cooking lab as registered dietitian and NTR faculty, Amy Moyer, teaches us Smart Tips to Power Up Breakfast.
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The Produce Box

See below for a giveaway from our partner, The Produce Box!

Starting this month, The Produce Box is inviting UNCG employees to drop their info in our virtual fishbowl. We’ll pick a winner on the 15th and 30th of each month to win a $50 gift certificate plus a free one-year membership to The Produce Box. Click HERE to enter!

The Produce Box is a membership based service that offers members the opportunity to have fresh foods delivered to their door or directly to UNCG! You can customize your box and skip weeks you do not want deliveries. They have a variety of box sizes to meet the needs of every household or you can split a box with a friend! 

For UNCG faculty, staff, and students, The Produce Box has WAIVED the annual membership fee! 
Use code “UNCG” when signing up to have the membership fee waived. 

The UNCG Delivery Hub is located at the Human Resources Building. If you would like your box delivered to UNCG, please put in “723 Kenilworth St, Greensboro, NC 27412 as the delivery address.” Your delivery driver will send a text, once the delivery has been made. You must pick up your items from Human Resources by 5pm on the day of delivery.    Please email us if you have any questions about The Produce Box! Use this link to learn more about The Produce Box or sign up. 

Recipe of the Week

Every Wednesday in March, a new recipe will be featured here!

Easy Migas Recipe

Start the day with a traditional Tex-Mex dish called migas. This version is quick and easy to make, even on busy mornings!

Green Tea with Fresh Mint

In Morocco, an offer of mint tea, which accompanies nearly every social interaction, symbolizes 24/7 hospitality and friendship. This recipe starts with fresh mint leaves — perhaps spearmint from your garden when in season. If you grow unique mint varietals, try them, too!

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Interested in meeting with a registered dietitian for more personalized nutrition information? Contact Cari Culp, RD here!