April 13th, 2018

11:00 am – 1:00 pm 

Foust Park, UNCG


HealthyUNCG hosts our 4th annual Employee Field Day on April 13th, 2018. Employee Field Day is an annual day of play for all UNCG employees designed to relieve stress and boost morale. The event is made up of individual and team games (see below), a DJ and emcee, food trucks, free snacks and ice cream, and great UNCG swag and prizes! Join us as a spectator or competitor! Registration for both spectator or participant is preferred but not required. This helps us to ensure we have enough prizes, snacks and fun for everyone!

Please note, this year’s field day will be different from previous year’s. The first hour, from 11 am – 12 pm, will be individual games only. Come during this hour and play as many games as you  would like. Medals awarded to winners in each category! 

Individual games include:

Hula hooping – Hula hooping challenge – endurance challenge

Musical “chairs” (stability balls) – Just like musical chairs but using stability balls rather than chairs

Egg/Spoon Race – Complete a course holding an egg in a spoon. If the egg falls, you must start over!

Junk in the Trunk – Attach a box filled with ping pong balls to your waist. Shake and shake until they all come out!

Cookie Face – Place a cookie on your forehead, using only your face (no hands!) get the cookie to your mouth and eat it!

Corn hole 

Ladder Toss

Fitness competition – Plank, Burpee & Pushup

Register as an individual competitor or spectator HERE

The team games will operate from 12 pm – 1 pm. Teams are made up of 4 players. Each team will have a chance to take home the coveted, HealthyUNCG Employee Field Day trophy in each category. Obstacle course relay and Human Tic Tac Toe will operate on a bracket system with double elimination. 

Those not competing are encouraged to stay and cheer on their favorite teams! Prizes will be awarded to spectators throughout the team events!

Team events include:

Obstacle Course Relay – Compete against other teams in a race to the finish! The race will begin by sack jumping to stop 1. Roll the dice to get a particular number and then pick up a ball, place it between your legs and waddle to stop 2. Pick an item out of the bucket to wear and race to stop 3. Once at stop 3, drop to the ground and crab walk to the finish. Once at the finish, grab a ball and over/under the ball through all four team members. Once it has reached the last team member, the next team member can start the relay! First team to have each player make it through all four stops and spray their silly string wins! 

Human Tic Tac Toe –  Two teams will race against each other to form a tic tac toe three in a row formation with their teams designated towel color. Only three towels are allowed per team. The colors can be moved to play the game. Only one player from each team is allowed at the board at one time. This video does a great job describing the game!

Chicken in the Hen House – A partner game in which the partners are separated into two circles. Partner A goes to circle one and walks clockwise, while partner B goes to circle two and walks counterclockwise. The game caller will call a pose and partner’s A and B must meet and perform the pose. The last partners to perform the pose, or the partners that fall out of a pose lose and are removed from the circles. Repeat the calling of poses until only one team is left.

Register your team HERE


For more information or to volunteer or sponsor, email healthy_uncg@uncg.edu or call 336-334-4131

UNCG Employee Field Day is brought to you by HealthyUNCG, in partnership with:

UNCG Staff Senate

UNCG Department of Kinesiology